Vape Safety

18650 Battery Thermal Runaway Awareness

We would like to share with you a real live taping of what just happened one crazy day at the Marco’s Vapor shop. We had a customer with an uninsulated 18650 battery, and it shorted out, exploded, and shot like a rocket, burning a line or 2 into the flooring. This was after it hit the ground and rocketed to the ceiling like a pinball machine! We thought this would be good for battery thermal runaway/vape advocacy, and to show people how important maintaining batteries is. Keep up on your battery game, and #spreadthecloud.

💥BATTERY VENTING/THERMAL RUNAWAY VIDEO💥 (narrated by Kurt) How it happened, and what you need to know so it doesn’t happen to you! Like and share please 👍 #marcosvapor #batterysafety

Venting/Thermal Runaway 18650 Vape Mod Battery