JABD MOD.TWO Boro Device


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The JABD MOD.TWO is an exquisite boro device that is handmade in Germany. It is powered by a single 18650 battery and features a DNA60 chipset.



3 versions:
Normal (side logos, top lettering);
Biohazard (hazard symbols sides, front logo and lettering, battery cover lettering);
3doors (clean sides, just front logo, 3 door variations -square cut, circles cut, closed)

18650 battery (slide door cover)
handmade brass boro contact system (does not fit og billet nuts)
front buttons fire, up and down (up and down flush to the surface, so no accidentally hits)
Side button choosable left or right hidden in the side design.
88,5mm x 53,5mm x 26mm

JABD MOD.TWO Boro Device

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Black, White, Mint, Translucent Blue, Translucent Red, Smokey Black


Normal, Biohazard, 3doors

Button Location

Left, Right


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