Many of these flavors are not available in-store at our Machesney Park location. If you want to pick up any flavor not available in-store you will need to place an online order and select “Local Pickup – Machesney Park” as your shipping option.

All of these flavors can be made on demand at our Rockford location.

Anonymousmelon candy
Apple Crackapple cereal
Apricadeapricot lemonade
Apricota light refreshing apricot
Apricoticablackberry apricot
Aqua Razzraspberry watermelon fruit
Asuhstrawberry orange pineapple
Baja Boomtropical berry lime soda
Banana Nut Breaddelicious banana nut bread
Banana Taffya candy banana
Banquetkey lime milkshake
Barneygrape slushy
Barzlemon bar
Batter Upvanilla cake batter
Beetle Joospeach pineapple mango punch
Beez Kneezhoney cereal
Belgian Wafflewarm buttery waffle drenched in syrup
Berry Poppinsmixed berry tart
Berry Sourmixed berries with a sour finish
Betsymixed berry
Black Cherryrealistic fresh cherries
Black Currantdark and tangy berries
Black Honey Tobaccosweet mild tobacco with honey
Blackberrytart blackberry
BLDblueberry lemon doughnut
Blitzenraspberry cheesecake
Blue Muffblueberry muffin
Blue Peepblueberry marshmallow
Blue Razzblue raspberry
Blue Taffblueberry taffy candy
Blue Waffleboysenberry waffle
Blue Yorkblueberry cheesecake
Blueberrysweet berry with hints of bitter notes
Blueberry Crumbleblueberry graham cracker pie
Bongopineapple candy
Boolinraspberry pomegranate
Boysenberryblackberry crossed with raspberry
Brandya dark and creamy brandy flavor
Bubba Beanbubblegum jelly candy
Bubblegumyour favorite sweet candy gum
Bullseyebanana rum foster
Busta Nutmilky hazelnut custard
Busterchocolate glazed Bavarian cream doughnut
Butter Rumbuttery sugar and hints of clove
Butter Toffeebuttery toffee
Buttercrispbutterscotch cookie
Butterscotchcreamy butterscotch
Canyoncaramel vanilla apricot tobacco
Carnivalblue raspberry cotton candy
Chameleonfruit punch bubblegum
Cherrymaraschino cherry
Chewy Dewyhoneydew boba tea
Cinnamon Churrocinnamon sugar pastry
Cloudcumbercucumber spearmint
Cobaltpeppermint chewing gum
Creamy Dreamsoatmeal cookie milkshake
Creme de Menthesweet mint liqueur
Crucial Tstrawberry graham cracker
Cthulhuexotic fruit blend
Cubanobold Cuban cigar
Dark Berrygrape berry
David Hasseltofftoffee ice cream
Day Dreamervanilla almond milk
Dem Melonswatermelon cantaloupe honeydew
Desert Tobaccotobacco
Dos Lechecaramel milk
Dubcakepineapple upside down cake
Edward’sapple cinnamon doughnut
Elf Tearskiwi guava raspberry cream
Escapepina colada
Eurekagreen tea wafer bar
Exodiacactus margarita
Exodia on Icecucumber cactus margarita menthol
Flip Flopzorange apricot marshmallow peach
Floaterroot beer float
French Vanillafrench vanilla ice cream
French Vanilla Cremecreamy french vanilla
Frostnipberry menthol
Fruit of the Ohmtropical fruit roll up candy
Fuji Applecrisp fuji apples
Fupafuji apple pear
Gingerbread Custardrich custard with gingerbread cookies
Glacierpeppermint candy cane
Gobstoppin’everlasting jawbreaker candy
Graham Cracker
Grapplegrape and apple
Green Apple
Happenin’ Cap’nberry crunch cereal
Harvest Berrymixed berries
Hazelnut Pralinecandied hazelnuts
Heads Upcherry lemon lime soda
Honeysucklesweet and floral nectar
Hot Bunsfrosted cinnamon roll
Huckleberrya dark and sweet berry
Hurricanetropical kiwi orange banana mango fruit
Hypegreen apple energy drink
Instinctpineapple mango lemonade
Jackpothoney milk
Jamaican Rumrich and spich rum
Jammedraspberry jelly doughnut
Jiggly Poofstrawberry watermelon slushy
Jonny Appleseedapple butter
Juicy Bubblesjuicy and fruity bubblegum
Kentucky Bourbonauthentic bourbon
Kingpingolden vanilla cookie cream
Knox Butterpeanut butter salted caramel custard
Labyrinthstrawberry rhubarb pie
Lean & Creampralines & cream
Lemon Limeyou thought lemon was good? try mixing it with lime
Lemonfacelemon candy
Leprechaunshamrock shake
Lotta Lattehazelnut coffee mocha
Low Kiwikiwi strawberry pineapple
Mammogramgraham crackers dipped in lemon custard
Mammoth Milklemon custard
Manzanitaapple soda
Martian Melonsgreen apple watermelon
Marzorange jawbreaker candy
Max Blendrich rolling tobacco with hints of spice
Mericablue raspberry lime bomb pop
Midnightblackberry mojito
Monstrousenergy drink
Mountain Drinkcitrus soda
Mt. St. Melonswatermelon tropical menthol
Mui Taistrawberry pineapple custard
Mysticblue raspberry rock candy
Nerdzgrape watermelon candy
New TryxTryx cereal
North Polemint menthol
Nutty Professorpeanut butter banana bread
OGAHcherry, kiwi, peach, pineapple
Oh Snap!strawberry pineapple hibiscus
Old Greggearl grey latte
Overdriveorange cream popsicle
Paradoxpear candy
Parfaitmixed berry yogurt parfait
Peach O’speach ring candy
Peanut Butter
Pebzfruity pebbles cereal
Pilgrim Piepecan pie
Pink Pantherwatermelon bubble gum
Pink Stuffstrawberry watermelon lemonade
Pink Taffwatermelon taffy candy
Pinocchiopistachio pudding
Platinumnutty bar
Pound Thatlemon glazed pound cake
Prince Charminglucky charms cereal
Prismrainbow candy pixie stick
Purp Drankgrape watermelon menthol
Purple Taffgrape taffy candy
Queen Beanstrawberry jelly bean Candy
Rainbow Harvestrainbow candy
Rainbow Taffrainbow candy taffy
Razzi Tazziraspberry lemonade
Red Applefresh and sweet apple
Red Ballooncherry melon airhead candy
Red Bowlred bull energy drink
Red Wafflewaffles covered in strawberries
Rice Krispcrispy rice treat
Ripe Strawberryfresh strawberries
Root Beer
RY4caramel vanilla tobacco
Salted Caramel
Scoobystrawberry banana smoothie
Scoutchocolate coconut cookie
Shaggylemon lime slushy
Sherbskisherbet ice cream
Shnookietoffee caramel cookie
Sinful Crunchcinnamon crunch cereal
Skywalkergreen apple candy
Sleepy Hollowpumpkin milkshake
Sluggercaramel toffee cookie
Slurmlemon lime gummy worm candy
Snownutchocolate mint doughnut
Something Fruityfruit candy
Sour Cool-Aidsour watermelon grape drink
Sparklefruity champagne
Starry Nightstrawberry ice cream
Strawberry Cheesecakeclassic strawberry cheesecake
Strawburststrawberry candy
Strudderstrawberry milkshake
Strumblestrawberry graham cracker pie
Sugar Bitscinnamon graham cracker
Sweet Toothstrawberry vanilla wafer cookie
Tarzanmixed fruit with mint
That Crumbleapple cinnamon graham cracker
Tic-Tac Oorange hard candy
Tiger’s Bloodstrawberry coconut pineapple
ToastyFrench toast
Trendsetterchocolate coconut tobacco
Tundraraspberry lemon eucalyptus mint
Tuscanfine Italian cigar
Tutti Fruttifruit mix
Twizzred licorice
Uncrustedpeanut butter jelly
Valorred candy
Vanilla Beanvanilla ice cream
Vanilla Custardrich and eggy custard
Vanilla Swirlcreamy vanilla
Vanilla Tobacco
Westernall-around tobacco blend
Westerntholmenthol tobacco
White Chocolate
White Foxexotic fruit mix
White Girl Wastedcaramel coffee cappuccino
White Grape
White Hotwhite chocolate hazelnut cookie
White Peach
Yubepurple yam ice cream
Yumsugar cookie graham cracker
Zeus Juiceberry watermelon mint menthol
Zombie Biteberry Swedish fish gummy candy
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